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an exhibition about migrations and identities

September 11th - December 7th 2015

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The Border Is Closed

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About the exhibition

“The Border is Closed” is the collaborative project of the Museum of African Art and the NGO – Group 484 with Belgrade-based artists: Snežana Skоkо, Luka Knеžеvić Strika, the art collective „ШКАРТ” and theatre and radio director Ivana Bogićević-Lеkо. Curatorial team: Ivana Vojt, art historian / theater and radio director and Emilia Epstajn, anthropologist / MA cultural and gender studies.

Working with migrants in the asylum protection centres in Serbia over the course of several years, the artists have created mixed-media artworks such as “migrant maps”, written and illustrated works on textiles and an interactive application. The exhibition is complemented with authentic audio recordings – stories/statements/testimonies of asylum seekers, capturing the female side of migrations as well. Also part of the exhibition is a unique board-game created by asylum seekers in one of the camps. Its name – The Border is Closed, inspired the making of this exhibition.

With this exhibition, the Museum of African Art opens its doors to discussions and criticism through which it takes an active role in the reevaluation of its position with regard to different social realities, and also, the history of its own exhibiting practices.


Talk on art and migration was organised as part of the Trans Europa Festival 2015, on friday October 2nd 2015, at Belgrade Youth Centre. Take a look at the curatorial statement (.pdf).

To learn more about ШКАРТ migrant maps visit




After the Museum of African Art part of the works displayed at the BORDER IS CLOSED exhibition (11.9.-7.12.2015.) travelled to Zagreb!

Galerija Nova / Showroom, Teslina 7 in zagreb, Tuesday December 15th, the "шkart kvart" exhibition was opened. The exhibition was organised in collaboration with "whw / what, how and for who" and was on view until January 23, 2016.



"The Border is Closed" exhibition opened at the Jadar Museum in Loznica January 28 and will be on view until February 15, 2016.


Savremena International School, Belgrade

Experiences and impressions of the Savremena International School students after their visit to "The Border is Closed Exhibition".


„The Border is Closed - First Steps“ exhibition at the 44th FEST, Belgrade Youth Center

29th February – 6th March 2016

“The Border is Closed – First Steps” exhibition of the Museum of African Art was displayed at the hole of the Belgrade Youth Center during 44th FEST (International Film Festival).

Originally , this exhibition was displayed at the Museum of African Art in Belgrade, 11th September – 7th December 2015, as a result of collaboration with NGO “Group 484”.

The original concept of “The Border is Closed” exhibition included works of group of Belgrade-based artists - Ivana Bogićević-Lеkо, Snežana Skоkо, Luka Knеžеvić Strika and the art collective „ШКАРТ“ – who visited the Centres for Asylum Seekers in Sjenica, Bogovađa, Banja Koviljača and Krnjača, between 2013 and 2015. Curatorial team: Ivana Vojt, art historian / theater and radio director and Emilia Epstajn, anthropologist / MA cultural and gender studies.

In the space of the Youth Center one segment of the exhibition called “Migrants maps” (The Art Collective „ШКАРТ“) was on display.

The aim of the exhibition is to raise public awareness about the way we look at the historical moment of migration in which we participate as well. What sets this exhibition is its pronounced social activist notes, which is a relatively new concept and practice for the museums, especially those that operate in Serbia.


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