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Past Exhibitions

Impressions du Maroc - Impressions, Marocco

October 23rd. 2008. - November 23rd. 2008.

Photo exhibition by

Marko Todorović

Exhibition objects

About the exhibition

... Morocco, as inspiration – the dynamism and unusual breadth of Moroccan art, its architectural splendours and the craftsmanship of a once ancient way of life. The photographs of Marko Todorovic highlight in the first place, the work of the anonymous master, the one that carved the fascinating portals and decorated them with door knockers and relief decorations, serving generations, into eternity.

Colour preparation for carpet dying, or scenes from the Moroccan souk, Marko’s stills of the ephemeral everyday life create an autonomous aesthetic that bares the photographer’s style. Virtue, memory, identity, spirituality, and the artists wondering: where is the line between antiquity and modernity.

For Marko Todorovic, the visual style of Moroccan applied arts is truly inspiring. Marrakech, zelij mosaic, the creativity of high Islamic palace art, strolling with one’s camera through the old, urban centre of the Moroccan city, children at play or, the swift pace of Moroccan women – road crossings, houses, gardens. The liminal spaces of the ancient, direct the attention of the viewer from inside, outwards, from the public, to the private – personal.

Narcisa Kneževic Šijan, senior curator


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