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Echoes... from the Royal Museum for Central Africa Sound Archives

November 13th - December 20th, 2014

Exhibiton Curator:

Emilia Epštajn

Choice of materials and authors of catalogue texts:

Rémy Jadinon, Jean-Baptiste Nkulikiyinka

Echoes... from the Tervuren Museum Sound Archive

Exhibition assistant: Sanda Kalebić
Exhibition sound production: Stefan Đinović

Catalogue: škart

Take a peak:

About the exhibition

Focusing primarily on an “ears-on” approach to non-material heritage, visitors will have the opportunity to hear a selection of audio inscriptions from the Tervuren Museum sound archives, which come from the wider area of Central Africa. This sound exhibition insists on “experiencing” sound without, however, neglecting their “ethnographic realities” – the time, place and means by which the sound inscriptions were made. This approach is able to question the way in which by primarily engaging the sense of hearing – giving sight and the visual a secondary role in the museum context – visitors actively listen and (inevitably) continually re-interpret musealia.

Guests of the opening:

Rémy Jadinon, RMCA curator and exhibition catalogue author
dr Ana Kotevska, musicologist

The sound installation is a result of the signed Protocol on Cooperation between the Museum of African art (MAA) in Belgrade and the Royal Museum for Central Africa (RMCA) – Tervuren, Belgium.


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