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Special Programs

Birthday Workshops at the MAA

The curatorial team of Museum of African Art has tailored a special educational program for the purpose of offering an organized birthday celebration for its youngest visitors. The birthday celebration event includes creative and educational workshops adapted for children aged 5 to 14 years. The total duration of the programme is 120 minutes: 90 minutes guided tour through the Museum’s displays and workshops, followed by 30 minutes of free play-time). The educational birthday event includes a tour of the permanent display and current thematic exhibition, and is followed by a creative workshop at the request of the parents/child celebrating his/her birthday. The workshops of choice include making: clay figurines, masks, painting murals or playing mancala board game – all of which are forms of traditional African art and creativity. The celebration is organized in the first-floor workshop area or (depending on the weather) in the MAA garden.


The museum provides:

  • Curatorial guidance through the permanent and current thematic exhibition,
  • Structure and guidance of selected creative workshop (the MAA will engage at least 2 professional associates,
  • Workshop supplies,
  • Use of designated area (workshop space or graden) , as well as the use of its toilet and kitchen
  • Parking space.

Parents are asked to provide: food (snacks) and cake, drinks (only individual juice boxes and/or small bottled water/juice), and necessary serving equipment (paper/plastic plates, paper towels/napkins).

Advanced scheduling is required.

For additional information please contact Milica Josimov at 011/2651-654 (work days from 10AM to 4PM), or write to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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