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Collection highlights

Hunter’s suit

Hunter’s suit

Hunter’s suit with ornaments
and amulets,
Bambara people, Mali.

Among the Bambara as is the case with numerous other communities in West Africa, hunters are considered exceptional people. They hold an extremely...

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Elephant Mask

Elephant Mask

Bamileke, Cameroon.
Cloth, beads 65 x 122 cm

The elephant mask is one of the most valuable objects from the Museum collections and it reflects the recognisable Bamileke approach to the decoration and symbolical...

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Mask Nimba

Mask „Nimba“
Baga, Guinea.
Wood. 77 cm high.

One of the most attractive objects in the Museum of African Arts, also one of the most intriguing, is known by the name of Nimba. This piece was among the first...

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Kente fabric

Kente fabric
Ashanti people, Ghana
Factory-spun cotton and silk
215 x 340 cm.

The kente strip serves as the basis of the large cloth which Ashanti men wear as a toga. The kente cloths represent the peak of craftsmanship done by...

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Mask : Ji-Wara

Mask "Ji-Wara"
Bamana people, Mali.
Wood. 100 cm high.

The Museum of African Art owns characteristic, representative examples of masks from the western and central African region, and Bamana and Dogon...

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