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Practicum for Students

Practicum 2014

The “Practicum 2014“ programme of practical work was intended primarily for the final years students of any Departement of Faculty of Philosophy. The students guided visitors through the Permanent Display on three occasions: as part of the presentation of “Practicum” 2014, during the Afro Festival 2014 and during the Days of European Heritage 2014. The second generation of the “Practicum“ programme were: Bojana Lulić, Stefan Marković, Ana Srdić, Ivana Dimić, Milica Kostić, Ana Nikolić, Aleksandra Stefanović, Majda Klaužer and Marija Tešanović.




Video (available only in Serbian) :

    • “A Glimpse into West Africa through Myths, Religions and Rituals”
      Bojana Lulić, student in Ethnology and Anthropology

    • “Stories from West Africa”
      Stefan Marković, student in History

    • “Between two “Wests” – The Influence of African Art on the Art of Western Europe”
      Ana Srdić, student in Art History

    • “Creating a Traditional African Identity ‘exotism’ and ‘primitivism’ in the context of the existing museum display”
      Ivana Dimić, student in Archaeology

    • “Traditional music of West Africa”
      Milica Kostić, student in Sociology

    • “Footsteps to Adulthood – Initiation Rites among the Peoples of West Africa”
      Ana Nikolić, student in Pedagogy

    • “Deciphering the Social Role of Women through the Arts of West Africa”
      Aleksandra Stefanović, student in Sociology

    • “Zoomorphic Motifs in the Arts of West Africa: Mythology and Ritual Practice”
      Majda Klaužer, student in Ethnology and Anthropology

  • “The Rhythm of Life and Music of West Africa”
    Marija Tešanović, student in Art History