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Practicum for Students

Practicum 2013

The “Practicum 2013“ programme of practical work was intended primarily for the final years students in Art History and Ethnology and Antropology of Faculty of Philosophy. The students guided visitors through the Permanent Display on three occasions: as part of the presentation of “Practicum” 2013, during the Afro Festival 2013 and during the Days of European Heritage 2013. The first generation of the “Practicum“ programme were: Marija Marković, Dragana Konjokrad, Eleonora Škrpan, Bojana Trebovac, Kristina Živković, Tanja Komnenović, Milica Josimović, Dajana Matijašević, Lenka Pavlović and Ana Stevanović.




Video (available only in Serbian) :

    • „Europe and Africa: Are we really two separate worlds?“
      Marija Marković, student in Art History

    • „Art of Dan and Guere People“
      Dragana Konjokrad, student in Ethnology and Anthropology

    • „Everyday Household Objects“
      Eleonora Škrpan, student in Ethnology and Anthropology

    • „Animals and Their Symbolism in African Art“
      Bojana Trebovac, student in Art History

    • „African Mask: Function and Meaning“
      Kristina Živković, student in Ethnology and Anthropology

    • “Representation of Body in African Art”
      Tanja Komnenović, student in Ethnology and Anthropology

    • “Cult of the Ancestor in West Africa: Significance and influence on traditional art”
      Milica Josimović, student in Ethnology and Anthropology

    • “Rhythm of Africa: On African Musical Instruments”
      Dajana Matijašević, student in Ethnology and Anthropology

    • “Influence of African Art to European Modern Art”
      Ana Stevanović, student in Art History

  • “Style and Form of West African Mask”
    Lenka Pavlović, student in Art History