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Practicum for Students

Practicum 2015

The “Practicum 2015“ programme of practical work was intended primarily for the final years students of any Departement of Faculty of Philosophy. The students guided visitors through the Permanent Display on three occasions: as part of the presentation of “Practicum” 2015, during the Afro Festival 2015 and during the Days of European Heritage 2015.

The third generation of the “Practicum“ programme were: Ana Dajić, Dragana Breberina, Filip Šapić, Iva Kijevčanin, Jovana Todić, Marija Marić, Venesa Mušović i Marko Rakočević.

Students who paticipated in the “Practicum 2015” programme were also participants in the “Public Speaking” workshop conducted by Slobodan Roksandić, actor and MA communicologist.





    • “The Birth of life – Symbols of Fertility among the Peoples of West Africa”
      Ana Dajić, MA student of Ethnology and Anthropology

    • “The Museum As Exhibit-Piece: The Historical Context Of The Museum Of African Art's Formation”
      Dragana Breberina, MA student of History

    • “Secret Knowledge”
      Filip Šapić, Undergratuate student in History

    • “The Man who Creates – the Role of the Artist/Craftsman in the Traditional West African Community”
      Iva Kijevčanin, Undergratuate student of Art History

    • “Divine Dance - Religious motifs and elements in the religion of the Dogon, Bambara and Senufo”
      Jovana Todić, Undergratuate student of Classical Studies

    • “Anthropomorphic Motif On Permanent Display At Museum Of African Art”
      Marija Marić, Undergraduate student of Art History

    • “Scarification, Hairstyles And Body Painting As Social Biography Of The Body”
      Venesa Mušović, MA student of Ethnology and Anthropology

    • “Nature and Cosmogony in the Sculpture of West African Peoples”
      Marko Rakočević, Undergratuate student of Pedagogy