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As part of the ongoing exhibition “Mancala, Game of Thought” The Museum of African Art in collaboration with the board game’s club “C22”, is organizing the Mancala Rules! program, which involves learning the rules of mancala. The program begins on Thursday, 24 January at 18h and will be held every Thursday from 18-20h at the Museum for the duration of the exhibition.

Mancala is a board game of a cognitive nature based and is played in different variations across four continents: Africa, Asia, South and North America. The multimedia exhibition “Mancala, Game of Thought” offers observes several possible outlooks on this game and through the act of playing, the possibility of becoming part of the unique atmosphere the game creates.

You do not need any prior knowledge of the game in order to become a good “mancalist”. The rules are simple, however results are not easily achieved. Learning mancala develops calculation, strategic thinking and tactics. Also, playing mancala is a good opportunity to develop human communication, socialize and make new friends.

Participation is free and mancala boards will provided by the Museum of African Art. However, if you do own a mancala, definitely bring it with you.

The program is carried out by Aleksandar Milosevic, mathematician and owner of the board game club "C-22" and Ivana Vojt, exhibition curator.

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