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From the Collections

The Museum of African Art: the Veda and dr Zdravko Pečar Collection was formed thanks to the initial collection of 1200 objects which were donated in 1974 to the City of Belgrade, by Zdravko and Veda Pečar. The collection which primarily reflects the material culture of West Africa has over the years been expanded through additional donations, purchases and gifts by officials, to include other parts of Africa: Ethiopia, Congo, Cameroon, Algeria, Egypt and others.


Man’s basic concern for his vitality, as well as his aim to ensure or increase fertility, underlies many rituals and ceremonies in Africa in which masks...

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Sculptures in Wood

Traditional African wood carving reflects the culture of an authentic and original philosophy. It gives specific visual form to a highly organized system of thought with its own logic and harmony...

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Bronze Sculpture

The bronze sculpture of West Africa serves as testimony to the profuse and highly developed artistic tradition evident in this part of the continent...

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A special group of small brass pieces are the weights for weighing gold dust of the Akan peoples of Ghana. These are known as Ashanti weights...

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African pottery is not only a generally widespread craft but at the same time an important field of artistic expression still present in the life of the peoples of West Africa...

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Musical Instruments

Music is the framework of a complex concept which in Africa includes singing and dancing, playing instruments, masking and dramatization...

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For African art in general, the internal content, that which links it to a specific cultural context, is very important, quite apart from aesthetic qualities...

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African jewelry, aside from telling us about aesthetic and artistic tastes, has much to tell us about cult values, social structures and economic and social development...

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Objects of Everyday Use

The Museum of African Art collection of objects for everyday use is versatile both in function and material...

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