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June 10-12th

The Afro Festival is the MAA’s annual event that promotes and presents the cultural heritage of Africa through exhibitions, concerts, public talks, film and video screenings, visual art and music workshops, as well as sale exhibitions. Contemporary African art and creativity exceed the limits of a continent and therefore the MAA, through a variety of cultural contents, aims at accentuating the importance of African artistic heritage outside the borders of the continent.

Friday, June 10th

entrance: free


Homage to Jelena Aranđelović Lazić (the first director of the Museum of African Art)

museum work – scientific research – publications

The Museum of African Art: Veda and dr Zdavko Pečar Collection was bequeathed to the City of Belgrade in 1974. The pioneer work of identifying objects, scientific analysis and MAA display concept, resulted due to the diligence and dedication of the first director Jelena Aranđelović Lazić. The talk will reflect on her life-work and contributions.

Participants: Slobodan Mašić (architect), Lazar Lazić (writer), Narcisa Knežević-Šijan (MAA director)


evening dedicated to African-American music

African-American heritage is one of the constituent factors of U.S. culture. In this framework, African-American music as a world-recognized phenomenon affected not only the appearance of many musical genres, but also affected the music industry in general. As a complex concept which includes a variety of audio and visual materials the AFRAM project aims aat presenting the musical crossroads of African-American subcultural and cultural forms. The musical and visual program will be held at three points in the garden and at one point in the interior of the Museum, and will present the historical development and new tendencies of African-American music.

AFRAM: Jelena Jovović (musical concept), Narcisa Knežević-Šijan (visual concept)

AFRAM-CHAT: Howard Curtis (special guest, full Professor of Music and head of the Jazz Drum department at Universität fur Musik and Darstelllende Kunst Graz), Greg DeCuir (cineaste, doctoral student at the Faculty of Drama, Belgrade)

DJs: Željko Kerleta and Vladimir Đelić Ćile

Installation: Zoran Naskovski

Saturday, June 11th

entrance: 100 din.



African Bazaar: sale exhibition of arts and crafts - masks, sculptures in stone and wood, handcrafted and painted fabrics, paintings, batik, jewellery, decorative items.



African Bazaar: Inspiration

interactive booths - local artists support

This year, local young artists who find inspiration for their works in African design, will demonstrate particular techniques of making jewellery and present their works as part of the sale exhibition.

Art & Photography

Live talks: Marko Todorović: Portraits from Tanzania, Katarina Radović: Wedding in Burkina, Vladimir Rajković: Along the Omo river valley

Concert: fusion of classical Indian and Moroccan music

Koncert fjuzn Indija-MarokoA journey from India to Morocco and the fusion of different cultures through music as a language.

Performing: Akash Bhatt, tabla & kanjira (Indian percussion instruments), Nenad Vještica Khan, sitar (string instrument from India) and Stefan Sablić, oud (string instrument of north Africa and the Middle East).



Sunday, June 12th

entrance: 100 din.



The most important day of the Afro Festival is Durbar Day: the Festival of Festivals, a day of friendship, music and dance. With the participation of the African embassies in Belgrade, located in the pleasant exterior – the MAA garden - this day celebrates African music, dance, art and culture. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the richness of African creativity: kente from Ghana, Kasai velvet from the Congo, djelaba and kaftan from North Africa, unique ceramics and glass-works from Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, multicoloured arabesques from Egypt, indigo cloth from Guinea, printed textiles from Angola. With the kind support of the African diplomatic community in Belgrade, visitors will be able to enjoy the culinary specialties from different parts of Africa. Specially arranged booths with art objects, crafts and souvenirs (textiles, jewellery, miniature wood sculpture) contribute to the spirit of the Festival, creating an unforgettable experience of the cultural treasures of Africa.

Program in high resolutin (serbian only) - .pdf

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