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MAA video assemblage

By creating short film forms as well as documenting all its more important events, the MAA is able to offer a more dynamic rendering of static museum exhibition displays and take a step outside traditional ways of interpreting the museum and its contents.



Pacific Oscar

Short experimental video about a famous 19th century traveler Oskar Vojnić, a noblemen from Subotica. The exhibition "Kava-kava and betel" (Kava-kava drinking and betel chewing ritual based on the non-European collection of the City Museum in Subotica) took place in Museum of African Arts during summer of 2008.



Bartelemi Togo

This short film presents visiting multimedia artist from Cameroon, Barthelemy Thoguo and opening of his exhibition of photographs "Transit(s)" and installation "Hommage to Zdravko Pečar" held in the Museum of African Art, summer 2006. Part of experimental programme by Mihael Milunović - "Coloured World".



Akan Goldweights

Exhibition and catalogue by: Marija Ličina, MAA curator
February 16th - August 20th 2011.

The exhibition showcased more that 500 goldweights from the collection of the Museum of African art, over 200 goldweights from the collection of the Slovene Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana and examples from private collections along with the scales, boxes and spoons for gold dust. Akan goldweights are quite unique in the world for their forms - they depict humans (warriors, medicine-men, hunters...), animals (birds, crocodiles, anthelopes...), flora (peanuts, oil palm flowers, calabashes...), artefacts (drums, sandals, cannons...) and numerous other firgurative and geometric motifs.


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