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November 20th – December 10th, 2007


The art of the Caribbean by Jno-Baptiste reflects the cultural dynamics of a region scattered across 17 islands in the Caribbean Sea, as well as socio-political realities and cultural specifics of the oeuvre of a vast diaspora.

Jno-Baptiste is currently an international artist based in Atlanta, Paris, New York, Brussels, Milan... Atlanta in the American South, which is a diaspora per se, engages the artist in new angles and interpretations of his own personal and artistic identity. Carrying Afro-Caribbean "history" within him, Jno-Baptiste conducts the appropriation of other cultures and forms of creativity, and thus the associations in his art move from hip-hop and jazz improvisations, to shamanic rituals. Working on these themes in a combined technique of large-format canvases, his style offers the viewer the controversy of a very specific and original art practice.

Lennon-Jno uses different techniques in his artworks: acrylic, oil, drawing, collage and ink. His works are characterized by coloristic variety, with the dominant use of red paint spilled on the canvas from which emanates a strong blue, or gold leaf collage creating the illusion of the moon’s reflection, suddenly surprising the spectator with the absence of colour, through a series of monochrome, black, thick graphism.

Using representations from the past, contemporary objects and fictional characters, the artist explores new symbols and new myths. These free associations of objects, time periods, social engagements, codes, letters and characters contribute to the creation of a visual language inherent to the artist.

Much of Lennon Jno-Baptiste’s inspiration may be found in stereotypical ideas about African women and African men, events (fictional and factual) related to Black Power radio propaganda and racial tensions that are present today in almost all parts of the world.

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