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Practicum for Students

Practicum 2016

The “Practicum 2016“ programme of practical work was intended primarily for the final years students of any Departement of Faculty of Philosophy. The students guided visitors through the Permanent Display on three occasions: as part of the presentation of “Practicum”, during the Afro Festival 2016 and during the Days of European Heritage 2016.

The fourth generation of the “Practicum“ programme were: Ivana Zatežić, Jelena Vesković, Jovana Tešić, Ana Knežević, Uroš Nikolić, Olgica Lukanović, Aleksandra Todorović i Sara Lazić.

Students who paticipated in the “Practicum 2016” programme were also participants in the “Public Speaking” workshop conducted by Slobodan Roksandić, actor and MA communicologist from Main Point Institute. The workshops were organised thanks to the support of the Secretariat for Youth and Sport – Republic of Serbia.

Within the program, students visited the Museum of Yugoslav History, where they talked with Veselinka Kastratović-Ristić, museum adviser, Ana Panić, senior curator and Aleksandra Momčilović-Jovanović, curator.




    • “Secret Knowledge and Rites of Passage among the Peoples of West Africa”
      Ivana Zatežić, MA student of Art History

    • “If You Can Walk You Can Dance, If You Can Talk You Can Sing” (Zimbabwean & Sudanese Proverb)
      Jelena Vesković, MA student of Art History

    • “The Encounter of Two Worlds – Africa through Travellwriting”
      Jovana Tešić, MA student of History

    • “The Visual Identity of The Museum of African Art: Architecture, Design and the Permanent Display”
      Ana Knežević, MA student of Art History

    • “The Social Status of West African Peoples”
      Uroš Nikolić, Undergraduate student of Ethnology and Anthropology

    • “Creating Art – The Artist in West-African Society”
      Olgica Lukanović, Undergraduate student of History

    • “Hunting for Objects: The Pečar Couple As Collectors”
      Aleksandra Todorović, Undergraduate student of Ethnology and Anthropology

    • “Religion or Magic? Traditional Beliefs among the Peoples of West Africa”
      Sara Lazić, history PhD candidate