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Troubles with African Modernity

Zoran Ćirjaković

Talks as part of the “Contexts and Representations” programme
Thursday, August 28th 2014, at the Museum of African Art, Andre Nikolića Street No 14

Themes for thought:

  • What does being modern in Sub-Saharan Africa entail?
  • How is the concept of modernity understood south of the Sahara?
    Parallel, hybrid and alternative African modernities, or “modernity is somewhere else”
  • What is the meaningful way to observe Sub-Saharan Africa in the context of the “postmodern condition”?
    What do “post” theories and insights tell us about African modernities
  • How does the Sub-Saharan context affect the vernacularisation of key modern ideas, aesthetics and frameworks?
    Problems of translation, glocalisation and hybridisation in Sub-Saharan worlds
  • The birth of vernacular cosmopolitanism: the global Touba.

The talks are part of the “Contexts and Representations” programme conceptualised by Ana Sladojević.
Program coordinator at the Museum is Emilia Epštajn



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