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Monday, July 21 at 7 pm

Narcisa Knežević Šijan, director and art historian, will present the Museum of African Art at the National Library “Stefan Prvovenčani” in Kraljevo, as part of the “Guide through institutions of culture” programme.

Predstavljanje Muzeja Afričke umetnosti u Kraljevu

The Museum of African Art is the first and only museum in the region entirely dedicated to the cultures and arts of the African continent. The initial collection of African art was acquired by dedicated art enthusiast and passionate collector, dr Zdravko Pečar and his family. During the two decades he spent in West Africa, first as a journalist and reporter and later as a diplomat and Yugoslavia’s ambassador to seven African countries, he gained a profound knowledge of African history, culture and art, forging at the same time a close relationship with the peoples of Africa, their customs and ways of life. According to specialists in the field, objects in the Belgrade Museum form a representative collection of African art.

Besides exhibitions, the presentation of the cultural heritage of Africa is achieved at the Museum through popular programs such as the Afro Festival, AFRAM and Coloured World which, through lectures, film screenings, art and music workshops, thematic evenings and concerts – expose the richness of African creativity.



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