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Outside the Box

Hospital of Immaculate Conception

The drama and music piece “Hospital of Immaculate Conception” premiered at the Afro festival 2015 in the special surroundings of the Museum of African Art’s Gardens in Senjak. The work reflects on the “African” moment in the life of great French poet Arthur Rimbaud. The accomplishment by film director Aleksandar Maričić gravitates and materialises somwehre between dream and reality, submerging into spheres of halucination as a concious choice of disengagement with the terrors of this world.
Director: Аlеksаndаr Маričić; Roles: Zoltan Pletl, Ana Kostovska, Nemanja Rašović; Costume: Marija Jelesijević; Scenography: Livija Mikić; Music: Nenad Jevzić, Mihajlo Jovanović