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Education & Animation

Through the original selection of topics, as well as interactive and dynamic programs, over the years the Museum of African Art has built the image of a place to visit in Belgrade. Events at the Museum gather all ages and generations of visitors with different interests, backgrounds, orientations, social status, personal style and attitude, from home and abroad.

The bird motif in the arts of Africa, the rules and strategy of “mancala” - one of the oldest board games in the world, the legendary success of Ethiopian runners in the Olympics and world marathons, evenings of Angolan revolutionary poetry and the literary works of Achebe and Senghor, demonstrations of the popular Afro hairstyle – are a few of the many topics presented so far in various museum programs within the framework of creative workshops, during interviews with artists and professional guided tours through the exhibition, themed weekend lectures as part of the Family Day at the Museum, and many other museum activities.

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Sharing knowledge

We invite all individuals and groups who wish to realize their ideas and interests in the form of term, graduation, graduate, research papers , as well as their design and creative work, various activities and presentations, to contact us and learn more about the museum's programs, objects in our collections, and explore the rich library of the Museum of African and world culture, art, history and other fields.