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Education and Animation


The rich artistic heritage of Africa, the symbolism within tradition and contemporary creativity are the starting point on which students create and present their artworks in the framework of the workshop. One of our best examples of collaborative workshops on the filafani textiles and costumes of South Africa is with the professors from the Department for textiles (the Faculty of Applied Art in Belgrade) and their students.

Complementing different thematic exhibitions, since 1997 a number of workshops have been organised with the Faculty of Arts professors. Body-art patterns, the themes from Neolithic Saharan cave painting, the murals of the Gurensi and Ndbele peoples, alongside the filafani motifs, have all been reproduced on the outer walls of the Museum lending it a unique visual identity.

The Museum of African Art is an inspiring and unforgettable setting for classes to be held and student work to be done, and workshops can be tailored around different university, academy or specialised secondary school syllabuses. The Museum’s archives and a rich library are an additional incentive for developing student’s interests, research and interpretation.

An additional aspect of work with students was conceptualised and developed by curators Emilia Epštajn and Ivana in the form of “Practicum” which included a one-month training program for students of art history and anthropology, finalised by the student’s public guided tours offering “ten different perspectives on Africa”

The preparation of workshops and lectures is carried out in consultation between curators and professors, as well as at the request of students groups and other interested parties.
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