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Education and Animation

Creative Workshops for Teenagers

Skipping classes?!
Come to the Museum!

Urban lifestyles in Africa, popular culture, design inspired by African motifs, as well as examples of the application of different materials and media for artistic expression, are the focus of creative workshops for teenagers and students. Setting off from art and culture we deal with issues of authority, social power and personal freedom, strength by interpreting the lessons of history and tradition, the resistance or tendency towards the new and unknown, and the need for change and the ongoing process of creation.


  • Body art: the art of body-painting among the Nube
  • Turn around and look. Adinkra symbols of Ghana
  • African heritage: old and new identities in music, sports and fashion
  • Beaded jewellery and costumes Maasai people

Duration: up to 90’
Languages: Serbian or English
Fee: 200 dinars

Children’s Workshops are organised for groups from 8 to 50 participants.

It is necessary to schedule your visit at least 5 in advance.

Telefon: 2651-654,
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In good weather the Workshops are held in the MAA’s Garden.