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Accompanying programs to the exhibition

• guided tours

• talks with artists and professionals

• workshops for children

The exhibition “The Border is Closed” includes migrant maps, works in textiles, migrant statements, and application and board-game “anonymously” created in one of the Centres for Asylum Seekers in Serbia.

Every Saturday

The guided tours and talks with artists and professionals throughout October 2015 aim to shed light on different aspect of the work conducted by the group of artists exhibiting at the Museum, and the wider museological and social connotations of making an exhibition which coincide with actual historical events “in the making”.

Saturday, October 17, 14h
Guided tour in English

Saturday, October 24, 14h
Guided tour in English

Saturday, October 31, 14h
Guided tour in English


Please book in advance!

Single entrance: 150 din.

Organise an outing with your friends! If you come in a group, every 5th visitor gets a free pass.


Every Sunday from 11h to 13h

Guided tour through the BORDER IS CLOSED exhibition and MAKE A DOLL FOR AN UKNOWN FRIEND workshop for children

Special program designed for children and their parents/guardians will be tailored for ages 5+. The curator guided tour stimulates talking and thinking about the topics of travel and migration. The creative workshop will introduce the technique of making a particular kind of doll which is linked to contemporary South African souvenir production.

This type of doll is partly based on traditional motifs but primarily linked to the period of economic migrations that occurred during 1980s and 1990s when a large portion of the male population left their homes and families in search for work in the mines and great urban centers of South Africa. Being left behind a t home, women decided to support their families by creating small dolls that caught the eyes of tourists.

At the workshop, children will make one doll for themselves and one for an unknown friend – girl or boy in one of the Asylum Centers across Serbia.

It is possible to organise GUIDED TOURS ON SATURDAY AT 14h & WORKSHOPS FOR CHILDREN ON SUNDAY FROM 11-13h, IN ENGLISH, but please let us know in advance if you will be coming so that we can organize the event.

Organise an outing with your friends! If you come in a group, every 5th visitor gets a free pass.

Tel. 2651 654

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