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Willam Kentridge – the art of remembrance

Srđan Tunić, art historian and MAA associate

Novi Prostor, SKC, Kralja Milana Street no. 48

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011 at 6 p.m.

William Kentridge is one of the most well-known South African contemporary artists. This year Belgrade audience had a chance to come to know his characteristic animated films made of charcoal drawings, on the 51st October Salon. His art deals with intimate experience of the apartheid and problematising our notion of political art, understanding the nature of forgetting and keeping memories, as well as unveiling the dark history of humankind that tends to be suppressed and the responsibility, which is always collective as well as personal.

The lecture will be focused on the artworks exhibited at the October Salon, with a short review of other artworks of this multimedia artist, describing the context in which he creates and summarizing the main themes that reoccur through his art. Also, the lecture will be accompanied with a short animated film Stereoscope (1999).

Bojana Pokrajac, moderator

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