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African-American art and culture

Friday, 24th July 2009

Program contents:

17 h

Lecture: „Identities“

Dr Aleksandar Bošković, principal research fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade

18.15 h

Film screening: „The Art of Romare Bearden“. Documentary on an African-American paintor. Length: 30 min.

19 h

Visiting artist and university professor, Dr Barbara Hardaway, Washington D.C.

Lecture: „Multicultural and Historical Examination of African American Art Aesthetics“

Presenting the artist and her work

Powerpoint presentation

21 h (after the lecture)

Outdoor music/video presentation

Presentation of the international musical project „Playing for Change“

Garden Afterparty

Consecutive interpretation provided for the program.

In view of the Obama phenomenon, and the world-wide popularity of „black“ music, as well as the permanent influences of African/African-American heritage on global mainstream culture, the Museum of African Art has conceived a program dedicated to African-American art and culture. On this occasion the Museum hosts Dr Barbara Hardaway, visiting artist and university professor from Washington D.C., as well as Dr Aleksandar Bošković from the Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade. The program will include a documentary on African-American painter and collage artist, Romare Bearden, followed by a an outdoor video/music presentation of the „Playing for Change“ international music project.

Artist and university professor from Washington D.C. (USA), Barbara Hardaway, will visit the Museum of African Art, providing an opportunity for the local audience to get acquainted with her work and the contemporary framework of African-American art. Dr Hardaway will present her art and the key concepts that form the focus of her work. She will then deliver a lecture about the influences that have shaped African-American art, through a historical survey of the African-American culture, as well as an examination of the particular historical and cultural settings in which the art of African descendants appeared and evolved in North America.

The lecture by dr Aleksandar Bošković will examine the construction of identity in multiethnic and multiracial environments, such as the USA. Special emphasis will be given to the construction of ’African-American’ identity and its application in culture, media and everyday politics.

International musical project/movement „Playing for Change“ was conceived and initiated by Grammy-award-winning music producer Mark Johnson from LA. The project was inspired by the music of Bob Marley, and it’s mission is to connect the world and spread the message of peace through music as the universal language. Musicians from all over the world have joined this project and have been brought together to perform benefit concerts that build music and art schools in communities which are in need of inspiration and hope.

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