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Lecture by Museum of African Art curator at the Love & Spirit Festival

Heavenly Doubles from the Land of Yoruba

Aleksandra Prodanović Bojović, MAA curator

Mixer house, Karađorđeva 46, Belgrade

Sunday 22 May 2016 at 16.45h

In many cultures of the world twins were attributed supernatural abilites. Among the Yoruba from Nigeria, who have the highest birth rate of twins in the world, twins are respected as the embodiment Ibeji – the divine energy of transformation. Moreover, twins have a cult status, bringing blessing to their family and all those who honour them.

The lecture will focus on the importance of twins in contemporary culture and their interpretation according to Ifa religion of the Yoruba people.

Aleksandra Prodanović Bojović is the curator of the exhibition about twins in Yoruba art, currently on view at the Museum of African Art "IBEJI – TWICE BORN Twin sculptures of the Yoruba people from the Pavlich collection”..

Click here for more information about Love & Spirit Festival.

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